Creative Leader

24 01 2013

John Maeda, President of The Rhode Island School of Design, shows his idea about how art, design and technology inform creative leaders.  There are some interesting description about the creative leader, that is compare with traditional leader:

Traditional Leadership:

  • One-way
  • Concerned with being right
  • Follows the manual
  • Loves to avoid mistakes
  • Reliability
  • Orchestra model
  • Community in harmony
  • Wants to be right
  • Open to limited feedback
  • Sustaining order
  • Closed system

Creative Leadership:

  • Interactive
  • Concerned with being real
  • Improvises when¬†appropriate
  • Loves to learn from mistakes
  • Validity
  • Jazz ensemble
  • Community in conversation
  • Hopes to be right
  • Open to unlimited critique
  • Taking risks

His quote about art is also interesting:

When people say, ‘I don’t get art’… that means art is working.” (John Maeda)


Weezer Live in Concert in Jakarta

23 01 2013

Weezer has opened their Australasia Tour 2013 in Jakarta on Jan 8th.
I luckily got chance to see them live on stage and there are something to share about:

1. They played great. It’s like when I hear their music in the first time in 1994. I admitted that even it’s already more than 15 years since their popular era but their music and songs are still catchy.

2. The sound was good. The sound engineers’ job was well done. I could hear the live music without ear fatiguing (loudness) and capture the details of their play.

3. Venue and organizer were bad. The seeing experience was really bad. It’s started from bad ticketing, queueing and ended with uncomfortable venue or stadiums. Lot of people were still in the entrance queue while weezer were already playing on stage. That was a kind of horrible concert experience.

Objectivity in Audio

21 10 2012

I find too much hypes in audio world and I still have no ideas why they still works on people. I’m doing primarily in software engineering and it’s really a different world, objectivity is the foundation in software business.

But, I was glad to find this blog, to find someone who is doing audio engineering and still keeping objectivity in the first place. I agree to his statement that audio is an engineering perspective. This guy is called NwAvGuy and he creates great DAC (oDac) and headphone amplifier (O2 amp) design for open-source community.

I have ordered the oDAC from one of the manufacturer-distributor (Audio Poutine) and tried it. Having audio engineering perspective, I need DAC which really reproduce (and measured) accurately, and oDAC has performed this well. It’s worth reading articles posted on his blogs.