The Stone Roses, 1989

6 10 2007

Overall Rating: 10* 🙂
Worst Song: DON’T STOP

Catchy, amazing and very cheerful songs mixed with funk groove


The Stone Roses

Well, first of all, I must say that this album isn’t certainly the best album ever. It’s one of the best ever, though. A mix of ordinary jangle pop songs, classic rock-level melodic hooks, funk and dance music, this album is great. GREAT. None of the songs is bad or something like that (except Don’t Stop?, but that’s another story), each one of them is so great and heaven-like, that I just can’t help myself and love it. I Wanna Be Adored? opens the album with its’ classic build-up, half-chanting and the verses, awesome melody and brilliant short instrumental break in the middle. It’s a brilliant song and there’s nothing more to add.
She Bangs The Drums? sounds like early R.E.M., only 1000 times more lifeless, 100000 times more catchy and 1000000 time more interesting. The harmonies in the chorus are way too memorable to be just? good?. You can’t get them out of your head, and that’s a fact!. Waterfall? can keep alive even the saddest and the most suicidal person in the world. Cheerful hooks in the chorus, melody that is full of life and brilliant Squire’s riff. And than this man goes crazy in the long instrumental ending. Amazing stuff.
Don’t Stop? is too weird for any band. It’s Waterfall? run backwards with new Brown’s vocal. Interesting, but too needless. Bye Bye Badman? is so much better ? it’s yet another song that is full of life and joy, even though it sounds deadly serious (especially when you know what it is about). Elizabeth My Dear? is good old Scarborough Fair? with changed lyrics. Many people see it as filler, but I love it. Short and catchy.
And have you heard (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister?? The greatest song about prostitute ever written. Period. Bass, drums, guitars; it’s all ideal and it’s all catchy. And it’s got the best Brown’s vocal performance ever. Made of Stone? is even better, with Mani’s going crazy and totally fantastic chorus. Shoot You Down? is calm and sweet, with Brown giving a really outstanding performance. Once Reni’s get a chance to play those fantastic drums in the second half, you know you can’t be wrong with this song. And This Is The One? is mindblowing. This is the one, this is the one, this is the one…? You know, nobody buy Roses could write this one.
And it all ends with I Am The Resurrection?. The vocal part has the best melody on here, and it is just CATCHY. Catchy as hell. I AM THE RESURRECTION AND I AM THE LIIIIIIIIIGHT, screams Ian. Why not? These guys rescued music in 1989. Anyway, the song (and the album) ends with a killer five minutes of jamming. Tight rhythm, fantastic guitar soloing and everything like that. And the great acoustic part at the end. The guitar sound like it has come from the sky.

That’s it. One of the best album ever.




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