Objectivity in Audio

21 10 2012

I find too much hypes in audio world and I still have no ideas why they still works on people. I’m doing primarily in software engineering and it’s really a different world, objectivity is the foundation in software business.

But, I was glad to find this blog, to find someone who is doing audio engineering and still keeping objectivity in the first place. I agree to his statement that audio is an engineering perspective. This guy is called NwAvGuy and he creates great DAC (oDac) and headphone amplifier (O2 amp) design for open-source community.

I have ordered the oDAC from one of the manufacturer-distributor (Audio Poutine) and tried it. Having audio engineering perspective, I need DAC which really reproduce (and measured) accurately, and oDAC has performed this well. It’s worth reading articles posted on his blogs.




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