Creative Leader

24 01 2013

John Maeda, President of The Rhode Island School of Design, shows his idea about how art, design and technology inform creative leaders.  There are some interesting description about the creative leader, that is compare with traditional leader:

Traditional Leadership:

  • One-way
  • Concerned with being right
  • Follows the manual
  • Loves to avoid mistakes
  • Reliability
  • Orchestra model
  • Community in harmony
  • Wants to be right
  • Open to limited feedback
  • Sustaining order
  • Closed system

Creative Leadership:

  • Interactive
  • Concerned with being real
  • Improvises when appropriate
  • Loves to learn from mistakes
  • Validity
  • Jazz ensemble
  • Community in conversation
  • Hopes to be right
  • Open to unlimited critique
  • Taking risks

His quote about art is also interesting:

When people say, ‘I don’t get art’… that means art is working.” (John Maeda)




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